Is Gum Keto Friendly? Best 6 Sugar Free Keto Gums

After more than a century of industrialization, we are now accustomed to consuming carbohydrates for energy. Always we intake more sugar, less and less natural, together with fats, which are also less and less healthy.

keto gums

As a result, blood sugar levels, weight and health problems (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease), our metabolisms have adapted, as best they can, and we live in a permanent inflammatory state, induced by sugar level, which we know is conducive to the development of cancer, and in recent years, to the worsening of neurological problems, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s.

The ketogenic diet, prescribed for decades in the treatment of epilepsy, is now prescribed by many oncologists, as well as to people with neurological disorders, and to people with diabetes because it has been proven that a strict ketogenic diet can reverse type 2 diabetes. Lots of athletes also exercise the ketogenic diet.

Is Gum Keto Friendly?

The answer is yes because some brands are keto-friendly but most of them are not, there are some factors you can decide on. If you haven’t find keto-friendly gums then don’t fret because we did some research and find the six best keto gums for you.

Recommended Keto Gum Products

If you are trying to cover bad breath and want to lift up or busy your mood. Chewing gum can be a part of your ketogenic way of life. They have the ability to freshen breathe and also fulfill your sugar cravings. Most of the chewing gums are not sugar-free or aspartame-free, but there array of options that you can choose from. Xylitol is a good option for this purpose. Let’s discuss some best chewing gums:

• PUR Gum
• Peppersmith Gum
• Spry Gum
• Xyloburst
• Epic Xylitol Gum
• XyliChew


PUR Gum is totally natural option. It helps to hide your bad breath and lift up your mood. This gluten-free option alleviates dry mouth and helps to fulfill your cravings. Plus, it never compromises your general health.

Peppersmith Gum

Peppersmith Gum is a great combination of mint and xylitol. This sugar-free gum will also help to elevate your breathe and keep you busy. This gum also keeps your teeth healthy and clean. It is aspartame free and an ideal choice for daily use.

Spry Gum

Promote your overall oral health with spry gum. This non-GMO contains 0 percent net carbs. This gum is slightly sweet as compare to other keto-friendly gums.

Xyloburst Gum

Cinnamon is a popular flavor among keto dieters. This is also aspartame-free and non-GMO. Xyloburst Gum is also a good option to keep your teeth clean.
If you are not a gum chewer then no problem, just give it a try. These cheap and effective chewing gums help to improve the overall health of the mouth. The breath is a sign that your keto diet is working properly. Just pick a gum that won’t ruin your diet.

Epic Xylitol Gum

Epic Xylitol Gum is sugar-free and perfect for keto dieters. It also has the sweet flavor of mint. It is also aspartame-free but it tastes sweeter than any keto gums. It holds a major part of xylitol than any other keto-friendly gum. What makes it much more special? It fulfills your sweet cravings and also satisfies your tooth. It is made from all-natural material and also gluten-free.


XyliChew is GMO-free and completely vegan best keto gum. If you want something to keep your mood and have fresh breath then go for this remarkable keto-friendly gum. It is formulated from natural material and there’s no involvement of artificial ingredients. This gum is a blend of valuable ingredients such as fruit, cinnamon, ice mint, spearmint, peppermint, artificial sweeteners, and many more. We can bet you will surely love this after chewing it.

Symptoms of Keto Breath:

Keto breath is slightly different from normal breath and people considered it bad breath. This smell is very close to nail polish remover and can create a bad impact on the people sitting around you. So, it is really imperative to control or fix this bad breath otherwise it may lead to many dental problems or issues.

Bad Breath

keto gum bad breath

Most of the people who are on a ketogenic diet report bad breath issues. It is a major indication that you are on ketosis. But it is a common side effect and not very dangerous. Most of the people who are on the Atkins diet also experience bad breath problems. So, there is no need to worry when this happened to you. The reason behind this bad breath is the increase in ketone levels in the body. The major culprit in this process is acetone.

The only effect of this bad breath is that it will decrease the charm of your social life. But it is good news because your ketogenic diet is working properly. You can brush your teeth or chew keto-friendly gums to eliminate this smell. But it is necessary to check the carbs level if you are using multiple alternatives such as keto-friendly gums, sugar-free drinks, and other gluten-free options.

What are the Reasons for Keto Breath?

It is very imperative to know the reasons for keto breath before curing it. When you are on a keto diet, your body acquires energy from different types of foods including, protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Generally, your body goes down for glucose and carbohydrates first.

As these factors decrease the ingestion of carbohydrates, so your body gets energy from your stored fat. The process of ketosis happened during this process. In this method, fatty acids are changed into ketones. These are the natural chemical that your body makes when you destroy fat for oomph.

But relax because ketones are risk-free and discharge from your body through urination or exhalation. You can easily identify this smell because it smells like nail polish remover. This is a powerful indication that you are entered into the process of ketosis. But don’t be happy because it is not a good sign at all.

Can You Put A Stop To Keto Breath?

This breath is a side effect of a low-carb diet and ketosis. In addition, there’s no proper way to prevent this smell. So what should I do? The only solution to this problem is to eat less protein and add more carbs to your daily diet.

This is one of the safest methods to keep your mouth and breath fresh and healthy.

If you are on a keto diet and observe keto breath or bad breath by coincidence, start taking more carbs in order to get rid of ketosis to eradicate bad breath. For example, if you are eating 100 grams of carbohydrates in a day then increase the amount to 200 grams. In this way, you can effectively prevent keto breath without any struggle.

However, the ketogenic diet is a famous, useful, and easy method to lose weight. Most importantly, it is necessary for your health and keeps you active and fresh. If you strictly follow the ketogenic process, this high fat and low carbs diet will move up blood ketone levels.

Under this process, your body experiences many biological changes such as a decrease in insulin levels and fat collapse. In this process, your liver begins making maximum numbers of ketones to provide power for your mind. In my opinion, it is really hard to know that you are in the ketosis process or not. But if you search on the internet, then you can easily crack whether you are in ketosis or not.


According to a study, chewing xylitol-related gum can improve your overall dental health. As an added bonus, these best keto gums are the perfect alternative to eradicate the habit of drinking alcohol. Plus, this kind promotes the process of rinsing away acid and mineralizes tooth enamel.

If you are on a mission of losing weight, then proper dieting and exercising play an important factor. But the only dieting process is not enough. You have to control your sweet cravings in order to achieve your weight loss goal.

With a ketogenic diet, you can easily lose weight in just a few months. But it has many drastic consequences in the form of bad breath. Here we have mentioned some symptoms and causes that occurred due to ketosis.

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