Is Five Guys Keto? Here are Our Low Carb Suggestions!

If you’ve ever eaten at Five Guys restaurant, you already know how delicious the food is, but if you’re following the keto diet, you might wonder, are any of their foods keto-friendly? Let’s go ahead and take a look at their menu items to answer that question.

is five guys keto

So, is Five Guys’ menu keto-friendly? Despite being a burger joint, there are numerous items that you can enjoy without breaking your diet. For the most part, you don’t even need a special request. For their burgers and hot dogs, simply remove the bun and, voila, a keto-friendly meal! They offer other keto-friendly dishes as well.

Because you have to take into account each and every item on the dish you’ve selected, it’s good to know that Five Guys offers several options for the keto-conscious eater. They will even serve you a dish without the carb-heavy ingredients if you like, which makes eating in this restaurant even easier. All in all, this is an easy restaurant to eat in when you’re participating in the keto diet.

What Makes Five Guys Unique?

Five Guys’ burgers are not just your standard hamburgers. They make their hamburgers with 100% ground beef that has no preservatives or fillers in it. Everything they serve is made to order, so you never have to worry about being served a burger that has been sitting under a heat lamp for too long.

Because they don’t add anything to the meat, you can eat any of their burgers and not feel guilty about ruining your diet. And because you can pick and choose which condiments you want, there are plenty of Five Guys keto items to choose from.

If restaurants add things to their meat items, diners always wonder how many extra carbs they may be consuming due to those ingredients. With Five Guys’ food, you don’t have to worry about that.

All you have to do is pick and choose the condiments wisely so that you aren’t eating any that are loaded with carbs that you neither want nor need. If you remove the bread and choose the right condiments, you can enjoy a meal that is entirely keto-friendly and also delicious.

Five Guys also has a very varied menu, including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and French fries of all different sizes, not to mention milkshakes and soft drinks that are both regular and calorie-free.

Naturally, you won’t be able to consume all of these items if you’re following a keto diet, but there are many items that you can indeed enjoy in a guilt-free manner. You won’t feel deprived if you’re on the keto diet and you walk into a Five Guys restaurant for your next meal, in other words!

And you won’t feel like an outcast if you’re eating that meal with a group of friends, because first of all, a lot of people are on the keto diet these days, and second, all you’re doing is eating your meal without the buns and bread items usually served with the food. It is easy to order from their menu without them rolling their eyeballs at you, and once your food arrives, you can dive right in and enjoy a meal with very few, if any, carbs in it.

What Can You Eat at Five Guys Restaurant?

Just what are these Five Guys keto items that you can order without any guilt? For starters, you’ll want to avoid the milkshakes, French fries, hamburger or hotdog buns, and the sodas filled with calories. Let’s break down the food items so you can learn what you can eat while you’re at this great restaurant.

keto burger with lettuce
  • Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon dog, bacon cheese dog, and bacon cheeseburger are all fine; just remember to skip the buns. You might also want to check the carb content of the hotdogs, since hotdogs sometimes contain processed meat of some type.
  • Some of their sandwiches are fine, including the veggie sandwich, cheese veggie sandwich, and BLT (minus the buns, of course). It’s best to skip the grilled cheese, of course, and if anything is included on a wrap, check the carb content of the wrap itself before you eat it.
  • Condiments are fine also as long as you check the label if you use ketchup, steak sauce, or barbecue sauce to make sure that the sugar content isn’t too high. Also, skip the relish and the pickles.
  • Soft drinks are keto-friendly, but only the ones labeled “diet” or “sugar-free.”

The good news is that more and more restaurants are providing nutritional information to their customers, usually upon request but often out in the open at the front counter.

Five Guys also has a website that you can visit to learn more about their menu items and the nutritional content of each of them. Many people on the keto diet will visit the restaurant’s web page to determine beforehand what they should and should not eat once they get there, which can make sticking to the diet a lot easier.

Related Questions

Will Five Guys accommodate my special requests? Yes, they will. If you intend to take the bread off of the burger you ordered anyway, you can ask them to leave the bun off so that it isn’t wasted.

The restaurant does not mind special requests and will do their best to accommodate them whenever possible, which makes it a little easier for dieters following the keto plan.

If I’m on the keto diet and get the menu, which items should I choose so that I can stick to my diet? As a general rule, you should choose meat and vegetables, and avoid anything that is breaded, fried, or which you know has a large sugar content, including French fries, sugary condiments, and soft drinks that are not diet or sugar-free.

Does Five Guys have an online menu I can look at before I leave my house? Yes, they do. Most keto dieters find that a little preparation beforehand helps them stick to their diet better, and part of this effort includes looking at a restaurant’s menu before you get there so you can pick and choose what to eat and what not to eat once you arrive.

Can I get a lettuce-wrapped burger instead of one with a bun? Yes. At Five Guys, the cooks do not mind giving you lettuce instead of a carb-filled bun. Because you can eat as much lettuce as you like on the keto diet, you might as well as for more than one piece of lettuce while you’re at it!

What simple tools can I use to ensure that my next meal at a restaurant is more keto-friendly? There are numerous things you can do when you go out to eat and you’re trying to follow the keto diet. These include:

  • Do not eat bread, white potatoes, or dessert.
  • Be careful with your sauces and condiments, and try to check their carb content before you consume anything.
  • Always drink water or diet drinks instead of sugary soft drinks and juices.
  • Soups are acceptable, as long as they do not contain a bread bowl or any other high-carb ingredient.
  • Consume real butter instead of margarine whenever possible.

On the keto plan, fats are acceptable, and you can often consume these fats and fill up faster so that you don’t crave carbs or sugar quite as much. Just make sure they are never “low-fat” products if you want the best results.

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