The 20 Best Low-Carb Snacks to Buy

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When you’re trying to carve out carbs, most times food options could feel or get limited.

After all, we all face easy go toss like pizza, pretzels and pita chips that are totally off the limits. Wait a minute, why are all the best foods carbs?

By eating some high fats and low carb snacks, we are advised by coaches, that we are going to be sustained for a longer time and no more have those low sugar crashes after eating something sweet.

These make your focus turn to nutritional food rather than hunger.

Also when we choose to snacks, it’s important to have some healthy packs at hands, so in this case, we are going to see what makes for a good low carb snack.

Obviously, we would go for something low in sugar, but at the same time no wheat but good grains. My little advice would go for some protein and good fats.

Most people think fatty food is crazy to snack on, but I’d say no, I’d tell you what.

Learn to get over the fear of fat.

In this case, I do not mean the bad fats that are found in fries burgers and cakes. We need the good ones, fats from nuts, meat, eggs, fish and cheese.

All these good fatty food, for years we have been cautioned not to take, but where did that land us?

Snacking on rich carbs better whole grain crackers, crisps, chocos

One thing is sure, that good fat is filled with Vitamins ranging from A, D, E, including K the fat-soluble vitamin.

If you want to go on snacks, it’s better to choose snacks that aren’t processed, but are as close to its natural state in all way possible.

Is Snacks Healthy For Your Body?

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Studies have discovered that a bite high in healthy fat, protein and low in refined sugars are the most satiating snacks you should snack on.

Joined with a couple of few sweat sessions each week, these little munchies would serve a tone up in your body’s lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism on the process.

And if you’re concern about blasting your muffin tops away.

A research done in 2016 that was published in the journal of the American Osteopathic Association, found that if you abide with a plan in which less than 45 percent of daily calories come from carbs.

You can lose almost 2.5 to 9 pounds in your first 6 months when compared to people following the low-fat diet plan.

All they don’t eat this eat that approved eats at some point have no more than 250 calories in their food, 13 grams of carb, and close to 7 grams of sugar per serving.

With a recipe as your guide, I’ll be listing my favorite shopping snacks for weight loss, which I’m sure will be a breeze.

Stashing these products in your desk is a no brainier.

And for a more cool bite, I wouldn’t advise you miss these delicious portable snacks which can help keep track of your weight or reach your dream pounds goal.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a long road trip, traveling for business or visiting friends who do not get your way of eating.

Having a snack that is low in the carb with you at all times is a pretty good way to avoid hunger which can lead to cheating.

You might have read on the subject of low carbs food before, but what differs with the list here is that the items can be purchased from snacks outlets online or in your nearest store.

Thanks to these zero preparation snacks that are also shelf stable and bag stable

1. Cheese Snacks

lowest cheese carbs

This horizon and organic mozzarella sticks are portable, yet fun to eat and well packed with those muscle building duo of protein and calcium. Just a couple of reasons I am such a top fan of these cheese snacks.

Each stick contains (28g) has 80calaries, 6g fat (3.5g saturated fat), 200mg of sodium <1g of carb (0g of fiber and 0g of sugar) and 8g of protein.

With less than 1 gram of carb in each serving, getting a stick or a few cubes is the sure way to help you stay on track of your weight loss goals.

Care for some? You can check it up on Amazon

2. Emerald Almonds & Walnuts

The 100 calories are good if you’re on the search for a small pre-workout month.

Here the thing, the almonds available in this snack are sources that are good for amino acid L-arginine.

Which can help your body burn much fat and those bad carbs during sweat sessions?

Each pack of 16g has 100 calories, 9g fat (1g of saturated fat), 0mg of sodium, 3g carbs(2g fiber, 1gsugar), and 3 of protein. Besides you can get it for $41.28 per 12-pack.

The omega-3s that is available in the walnuts also come to play a part in your weight loss success by boosting your brainpower.

This helps you stay focus on your fitness.

3. Bolthouse Farms

This veggie carrot meets comes in each package (2.25oz) contains 25 calories, 0g fat and (0g saturated fat). 200mg sodium, 6g carbs (2g fiber, 4g sugar) and 1g of protein.

Perfect, because you won’t have to go hungry just because you’re on a low carb diet.

Thanks to its high water ingredient, carrots are one of the satiating veggies available making the grab and go snack pack a solid choice.

Again, the carrots come with a package of seasoning that punches up the floor. That is similar to dips and dressing but has fewer calories and fat.

Not a, if you are worried about the sodium making you fat, you can simply use half of the seasoning available in the packet.

4. Crazy Richard’s Natural Creamy Butter Peanuts

These peanuts are one of the peanuts packed with all the protein you may want. That means for sure more hunger busting nutrients for you.

In each packet, has 32g with 190 calories, 16g fat of 2.5g saturated fat, 0mg sodium, 7g of carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugar and 8g of protein.

As the saying goes, you know if it ain’t broke, do not fix it. And the same goes for this favorite peanuts butter.

Are you on the run? Rip open the top of the squeeze pack and enjoy the butternuts right from the pouch.

For more of the sit-down snack, you can smear some of the heart-healthy snacks without fighting decrease spread on by low carb celery sticks.

5. Siggi’s Peach & Mango Yogurt

With no extra sugar added, you can pick up this snack for a top touch of sweetness without breaking the carb bank. However, you get to enjoy 10g of protein and belly-filling healthy fats.

Each comes with a 4.4oz container, witb110 calories, 4g fat of 2.5g saturated fat, 45gnh sodium, 8g carbs (1g fiber, 5g sugar) and 10g of protein.

6. Organic Green and Black Cocoa Bar

So far dark chocolate isn’t just bad for curbing your sugar cravings. It’s also rich in nutrient.

Containing healthy fat, magnesium for muscle relaxing and a group of free radical fighting antioxidants known as flavanols.

Each oz about 1/4 bar has 178 calories, with 14g of fat(8.5g saturated fat) 10.5g carbs (3g fiber, 5.5g sugar) and 3g of protein.

These mixture works with the caffeine that is found in cocoa solids to encourage easy blood flow to the brain and enhance cognitive functions.

Voila, you can get it for $36.15 per 10-pack shipped to you from Amazon.

7. Kind Nuts & Spices

This maple-glazed peach & sea salt kind bars are one of the popular granola bars brands available with good quality.

With each bar including 210 calories, 16g fat (1.5g saturated fat) 140 my sodium with 13g carbs of 5g fiber, 5g sugar and 6g of protein.

Each contains an impressive amount of protein required fiber and healthy fats which is the infamous satiety trio.

Quite good to take the edge off if you’re in the meanest midday amidst with belly touching hunger.

The Kind bar has one of the lowest bars the company offers and you can get it from any store or online for $14.79 per 12 packs

8. Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar

This low carb with high protein snack bar is made from hormone-free chicken.

They contain organic spices and chia seed which makes it much lower in sodium than a typical meat stick.

Each bar of 43g has 100 of calories 4g of fat with zero saturated fat, 400mg sodium, 1g carb with 0g fiber, 0g of sugar and 15 g of protein.

Known for its words, you won’t any sriracha in this bar; forget the name and it goes for $28.99 per 12 packs.

Instead of that, the epic bar gets heat from the addition of red pepper flakes that the Laval University researchers say can diminish your hunger and amp up the calorie burn. Perfect isn’t it?

9. Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

Each oz contains 150 calories, 8g fat with 0.5g saturated fat, 200mg sodium, 12g carbs of 4g fiber, 3g sugar and 6g of protein.

Why all that for all the carbs? Glad you asked.

These might not be the lowest carb snack but believe me having little carbs also means you can reap the digestion-supporting the belly-filling benefits of this 4g fiber.

This fiber-rich crunchy snack also delivers 55 percent of the day’s immunity that boosts vitamin A and a whooping 300percent of the vitamin K, a nutrient that helps blood clot.

That’s it! It goes for $19.96 for each 4 pack and is available on Amazon

10. Oloves Olives

The chili & garlic black Oloves Olives is attainable to make you forget your typical salty craving like empty calorie, with high carb pretzels and chips.

In place of that, you could opt for these black olives that have a spicy peppery kick.

Each pack of the Oloves has 1.1 o, 156 calories, 5g fat of which 0.5 is saturated fat, 170mg sodium, 1g of carb gotten from the 1g of fiber available with 0g sugar and 0g of protein.

Their chili-garlic olive is filled with monounsaturated fats that have been found to fend off health-harming inflammation that is making you fat.

11. Best Hard Cooked Egg

Not to mention, but for a second let me take you back. How many times have you bought eggs, with the intention to boil them for the week ahead but then forget it totally?

Let’s just forget it; we’re all busy not to be guilty.

These naturally laid eggs are pre-cooked so you don’t have to worry and are peeled and ready to eat whenever hunger calls. With lovely York by the way.

Each egg is measured to have 60 percent of calories, with 3.5g fat of 1g of saturated fat, 55mg sodium, 0g carbs and 5g of protein.

12. Seapoint Farm Wasabi

The Seapoint farms wasabi is dry roasted edamame, with each ¼ cup containing 130 calories, 4.5g fats with 0.5g saturated fats, 130mg sodium, 9g carbs of 7g fiber, 1g sugar, and 14g of protein.

To spice everything up a bit, literally, you can get on the go with your hands full with this Seapoint farm wasabi infused with dry roasted edamame snack pack.

Was that cool? Having a satisfying crunchy texture and heat kick, they contain 11g of soy protein and 5g of stomach-filling fiber in every 100 calories served.

13. Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed which is known for it rich in micronutrients like focus on strengthening iron, cholesterol-lowering vitamin with metabolism regulating iodine and mood-boosting magnesium.

Each pack contains 5g with 25 calories 2g fat 0g saturated fat, 85mg sodium, 1g carbs of 1g fiber, 0g sugar and 1g of protein.

These calories aren’t full of many macronutrients, but it doesn’t mean they’re empty for sure.

Offering low carb alternatives to salty snacks like pretzels.

14. Bumble Bee Lemon & Pepper Seasoned Tuna

Ever felt like you have no time for lunch?

The small snack bumble bee packs a protein punch that might fend off more hunger pangs than gulping down a rushed slice of pizza.

Each pouch of these bumble bee lemon & pepper seasoned tuna contains 2.5 oz with 60 calories, 0g fat of 0g saturated fat, 270mg sodium, 2g carbs of <1g  fiber, 0g sugar and 14g of protein.

15. Two Moms Soul Sprout Cayenne Cacao Almond Butter Truffles

Made with enzyme-rich sprouted nuts, these snacks contain metabolism boosting cayenne pepper.

Known as a hunger quelling healthy fat snack, you’ll be sure to win the long fight of midday hunger.

Every 2 piece of 28g ½ pack contains 140 calories, 9g fat of 1g saturated fat, 55mg sodium, 12g carbs of 3g fiber, 7g sugar and 4g of protein.

If you’re ready for a fat banishing one-two punch, you can pick up a pack of these almond butter truffles for $17.50 for 6 packs.

16. Wholly Guacamole Minis

The wholly is a single mini cup with 57g and has 100 calories, 9g fat of 1.5g saturated fat, 200mg sodium, 5g carbs of 3g fiber, 0g sugar and 1g of protein.

Thanks to the base of most people favorite fruit, the avocado guacamole contain a whopping 9g of a healthy fat known as oleic acid that can actually reduce your feeling of hunger.

The filling fats from this avocado make it a perfect energizing 3 in the noon snack; you can pair it with your favorite low carb snack.

17. Health Warrior Chia Bar Coconut

Rich in heart-healthy, brain protecting omega-3s and those bad belly filling flaps, this health warrior bar is going to accelerate your weight loss goals, most importantly when paired with the cashew butter.

You can join the almond to skyrocket the feelings.

Each bar of 25g contains 110 calories 6g fat of 2.5 saturated fat, 45mg sodium, 13g carbs of 4g fiber, 4g sugar and 3g protein.

There are small but the chia seeds are also pretty mighty, so far, in fact, it’s made out as the #17 best nutrition bars to conquer in the Low carb diet journey.

18. Dang Coconut Chips

Each of these chips has 180 calories with 15g fat of 13g saturated fat, 105mg sodium, 10g carbs 5g fiber, 1g sugar and 2g of protein.

Good for you if you’re looking for a crunchy low carb snack, you can try these lightly salted dang coconut chips. You can thank me later.

19. Hillshire Snacking Apple

This chardonnay cuts, are snack pack of jerky and creamy cheese, if you would love to know more, well I just told you.

Courtesy of the Hillshire snacking, you can pick up a refrigerated packet of cured pork and a creamy Gouda cheese for a low carb snack that isn’t only good but also high in protein.

Each package has 190 calories, 11g of fat of 7g saturated fat, 530mg sodium, 6g carb of 5g sugar and 0g fiber, and 15 of protein.

20. Larabar Crunchy Nut & Seed Gluten Free Bar, Maple Cinnamon with Sprouted Chia Seeds

Made with almonds, sprouted chia seeds (which have more bioavailable nutrients than the non-sprouted version), and only 5 more whole food ingredients. 

You should reach for this treat when you have a bit more room for carbs in your day as it’s made with a touch of honey and maple syrup. 

Each bar (35 g) contains 200 calories, 16 g fat (3 g saturated fat), 50 mg sodium, 12 g carbs (4 g fiber, 6 g sugar), and 5 g of protein.

Larabar just made over their Nut & Seed line with a bold new crunchy texture and it’s perfect for those of us who love low carb snacks.  

You can get it on any online store for $23.99 per 15-расk ($1.60 each).


low carb snacks to buy

Now that you have a list of good snacks that belong to this no or low carb snacks. And those that do not, maybe it’s time to get creative.

Match and mix your favorites to have a more substation meal. There you go. You have it.

The low carb friends in form of portable dragged around snacks. Did I miss what works best for you? Do you have a question? You are well to let me know in the comment section.

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Not just food lover, I also like to write about foods and diets, especially keto! Finding low-carb food is fun for me regardless of how others find it difficult. Besides having an interest in foods & diets I also like exercising and walking long distance regularly :)

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