Are Bang Energy Drinks Keto Friendly?

Is Bang Energy Keto Approved? 

Nutritionally, Bang energy drinks are low-carb energy drinks. A single can of a Bang energy drink contains 300 mg of caffeine which can help in ketosis. This energy drink is labeled as zero net carbs because acesulfame potassium and sucralose are used as its sweeteners, both of which are keto-friendly for most people. 

The keto community is still not aware of whether artificial sweeteners should be present in the keto diet or not. With heavy support from 90+ studies, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has shown that both acesulfame potassium and sucralose are safe to consume. 

However, acesulfame potassium and sucralose could be dangerous for the ketosis of a minority of its consumers. If you’re not aware of the effect of these sweeteners on your body then you can try a small amount of Bang energy drinks daily and analyze its interference with your ketosis. 

Bang energy drinks are said to be keto-friendly but there are many allegations of their false advertising. According to their manufacturers, they use super creatine as an important ingredient. Creatine is very beneficial for weightlifters and bodybuilders while super creatine is a type of creatine bonded to L-Leucine. Creatine usually doesn’t pose any problem to a ketogenic diet. Opponents claim that Bang energy drinks don’t have creatine and its ingredient information is misleading. 

The conclusion is that Bang energy drinks are keto-friendly for a majority of people but it’s not clear whether its labeled ingredients (especially super creatine) are actually present in it or not. 

Product Introduction

If you’re looking for an energy drink to inspire you for your next hike or workout, if you want cool intact energy, low body fat percentage, and maximum physical as well as mental performance then Bang energy drink is just for you! 

It is made by VPX Sports who is the maker of Redline as well. This vegan-friendly and gluten-free energy drink is one of the most popular energy drinks in America and also the No.1 growth-beverage in the non-alcoholic beverage industry (through 2018). It can boost your energy and generate great enthusiasm.

Bang is marketed as an energy stimulator and fat loss drink. It is a sugar-free and keto-friendly energy drink that comes with ZERO net carbs. It has a sweet taste and comes with several fantastic flavors. 

A 16-ounce can of Bang initially had 357 mg of caffeine which was lowered and now around 300 mg of caffeine is present in its single can. This huge amount of caffeine makes it very different from other energy drinks. Moreover, its Canadian version contains just 180 mg of caffeine per can. 


Bang energy drinks have several different flavors all of which contain the same amount of caffeine. Some flavors are also available in the caffeine-free formulation. It has natural as well as artificial flavors. This energy drink is available in the following fantastic flavors: 

  1. Black Cherry Vanilla
  2. Birthday Cake Bash
  3. Bangster Berry
  4. Blue Razz
  5. Crisp Candy Apple
  6. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  7. Champagne
  8. Cotton Candy
  9. Citrus Twist
  10. Frosé Rosé
  11. Key Lime Pie
  12. Lemon Drop
  13. Miami Cola
  14. Power Punch
  15. Purple Haze
  16. Pina Colada
  17. Peach Mango
  18. Purple Guava Pear
  19. Rainbow Unicorn
  20. Root Beer
  21. Sour Heads
  22. Strawberry Blast 
  23. Star Blast

Latest flavors

Bang energy drink is also available in the three latest flavors. These flavors are available in limited countries. They include: 

  • Purple Kiddles (Since April 2020)
  • Strawberry Blast (Since April 2020)
  • Radical Skadattle (Since June 2020)

Nutrition information 

Bang energy drink contains caffeine, amino acids (BCAAs), super creatine, CoQ10, carbonated water, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), and multiple Electrolytes. Bang is a powerful energy drink with 300 mg of caffeine per can. It has zero Net carbs, zero fat, zero protein, zero calories, and zero fiber per can. 

Bang mainly includes supplements that weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes need like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), creatine, CoQ10, and so on. 

One 16-ounce can of bang energy drink contains: 

  • 5 mg of Calcium
  • 5 mg of Magnesium
  • 40 mg of Sodium 
  • 85 of mg Potassium
  • 27 mg of Vitamin C
  • 5 mg of Niacin
  • 0.5 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 50% DV of Vitamin C
  • 25% DV of Vitamin B12
  • 25% DV of Vitamin B6
  • 25% DV of Niacin
  • 2% DV of Magnesium

If we compare a 16-ounce can of bang energy drink to a Rockstar energy drink, which contains 62 grams of sugar and 260 calories, the nutrition of bang looks very improved. 300mg of caffeine per can makes bang a very powerful energy drink as compared to its competitors. 

Can Energy Drinks Kick You out of Ketosis?

Energy drinks will definitely kick you out of ketosis if they are filled with sugar and you drink multiple such energy drinks each day. Sugar-free energy drinks and those energy drinks which have zero or very low net carbs are usually ok with the keto diet as they contain very small amounts of calories.

If a drink has a high amount of carbs/sugar and you consume a lot of it then after one or two hours, you may feel like you have a hangover. Because of this, all the drinks (including fruit juices and sugared soda) with sugar/carbs should be avoided while on keto. However, you can decrease this threat of hangover by doing some workouts which will burn off carbs. 

So if you want to consume energy drinks but at the same time, you want to maintain your daily keto diet then you’ll have to choose a drink with very less amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Bang energy drink is perfect for this as it’s sugar-free and comes with zero net carbs and zero calories. However, it is not keto-friendly for a minority of people as they may find its sweeteners dangerous for their daily keto routine. 

Are Bang Energy Drinks Healthy?

The answer to this question is simple. Bang energy drink is healthy for you only if you drink it in a limited amount. All the caffeine drinks help improve cognitive performance and the energy drinks which contain a large amount of caffeine (just like Bang) improve memory, increase elevated and alertness of mood.

Keep in mind that you should never over consume it. The caffeine contained by a single can of Bang energy drink is more than the caffeine contained by two cups of coffee. A recent study proved that using multiple energy drinks daily, especially those which contain tons of caffeine, can cause multiple heart diseases, change blood pressure, and create difficulty in sleeping. Utilizing too much caffeine may result in irritability, nervousness, and rapid heartbeat. So, you should not drink more than one Bang energy drink per day. 

Bang energy drinks can be harmful to the health of children under the age of 18 years. If you are a pregnant woman, or taking any drug, or have a mental disorder then you should avoid this product. As it contains a massive amount of caffeine, you should not use it with other caffeine-containing products because you can experience a caffeine overdose by doing so. 

Bang is not intended to prevent, treat. diagnose, or cure any disease. It contains super creatine which helps muscles recover energy more easily as well as more quickly. Therefore it is good for the health of those people who have to do a lot of body exercises, for example, bodybuilders and athletes. 

Other 300mg Caffeine Products by VPX

Just like this energy drink, VPX also offers the following keto-friendly products each of which contains 300 mg of caffeine: 

  • Bang Energy Shots 
  • Bang Keto Coffee 
  • Bang Sweet Tea

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