6 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat With Low Carbs

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Belly fat can sometimes be stubborn and can accumulate easily without notice, which can cause a negative impact on our self-esteem. Even though weight gain in the belly region is a situation where you feel uncomfortable with the way you look or feel, it is not a dead end as simple things like switching into a low carb diet can also be enough for you to get rid of such belly fat.

So, can you really get rid of the belly fat? Yes, you can get rid of the belly fat if you keep in consideration various factors such as low carb diet that are contributing to your belly fat accumulation which result into an embarrassing belly bulge. You don’t have to worry as it is a trivial thing because everyone is aware of the fact that a person’s weight can never remain constant. So, the reduction of excess fat around your abdomen can be easy if you exercise, count your calories and be concerned about your nutrient intake.

There are plenty of evidence-based methods that can help you get your original belly back, among which you can consider any of the ways as the most feasible way of reducing the abdominal fat.

Losing Belly Fat by Lowering Carbs

Sometimes, even though people exercise for a long period, they are unable to shed the belly fat and there are various explanations for that to happen.  This is bound to happen if you do not know about the lifestyle you need to embrace when you intend to lose the belly fat. Belly fat is typically, one of the most stubborn fat which just doesn’t want to leave your body that easy, it just sticks around like a leech and can also increase the risk of some health problems. It fluctuates along with your food intake and there are people around us who have worked hard and we have seen the way they reduced their abdominal fat by maintaining a strong will. Losing the belly fat is easy and simple if you are determined to consume low carbs and you work hard. So, it is very beneficial for human body to focus on losing body fat using any of the methods discussed in the article.

Avoid Sugary and Carbonated Drinks

The first and foremost thing to do is to cut off sugar from your diet as much as possible because as long as there is sugar contained in your food, there is no way one can cut off carbs and lead a healthy life. Sugar is a high carb component which not only boost your belly fat but also reduce your metabolism and degrades your immune system as well. Consumption of a huge amount of sugar can lead into excess fat production by the liver as the fat gets stored in the liver as well as the abdominal regions of your body. Sugar contains sucrose, fructose and many such compound that adds to the increase in belly fat. It is also said that, drinking carbonated and liquid sweetened things can be considered even worse to your health as they contain more calorie than solid sugar which adds on to the fat storage in the belly. So, avoiding the pop drinks such as cola and sweetened juice, drinks and drinks containing refined sugar can help you reduce the belly fat without much workout to some extent. Overall avoiding sugary drinks or sugar

  • Improves metabolism

Take in natural sugar i.e. fiber rich fruit juice instead of refined sugar as intake of natural sugar just adds up to the metabolism. In addition to that it also helps you increase your body strength which means you can workout without getting tired and reduce your body/ belly fat.

  • Lower calorie intake

Natural sugar itself is high in carbs, if you are thinking of taking refined sugar or sugar-rich drinks, be prepared to gain some belly fat. Avoiding intake of such high carb food that adds to your calorie consumption and decreases your calorie intake.

  • Reduces belly and liver fat

Belly fat is mostly very stubborn and hard to get rid of. So, you might start by cutting down sugar products and take over a healthy lifestyle.

Keep Record of Your Calorie Intake

People barely tend to keep a track of what they are eating, which has somewhat of a negative impact on their body. It is very important for an individual to keep record their food and the nutrients contained in it specially when they have a problem with the excess belly fat. Knowing what you are eating and how much are you actually consuming, never really has any bad impact on anyone. Instead, it helps you keep an account of all the nutrients you are consuming so that you can be extra careful about calorie intake. If you are taking a lot of calories in a day, you can just cut off some heavy food by the end of the day in order to improve your eating habits and lose that extra fat from your belly. If you weight and measure your diet every now and then, you know exactly where and when to cut off the extra calories and the nutrients you need to reduce. You don’t have to weight yourself everyday but you can do it once in a while to examine your eating habits and making changes within yourself so that you can shed that extra fat.

Choose A Low Carb Diet

Rather than just a low-calorie diet, just opt for the low carb diet which is really going to boost your fat reduction. There are so many low carb diets you can follow or else you can also make your own low carb meal as you can count the nutrients of every food you consume. There are diets such as Keto, and many more that support low carb high protein and fat diet that can support losing water weight which can also be one of the main reasons of the accumulation of your belly fat. Among the low-fat and low-carb diet, it is said that the low-carb diet directly targets the belly fats and you can see quite a visible difference within days. You don’t have to go all the way to stop taking all the carbs, instead avoiding all the refined carbs like sugar, white bread etc. can contribute a lot in your belly fat reduction process. Choosing a low carb diet

  • Sheds the extra water weight

The water weight which is gained due to various consequences, be it pregnancy or any other factors can be diminished by switching on to a low carb diet.

  • Decreases belly fat in faster and visible way

If you are not overall obese and have just the abdominal fats, the most efficient ways to reduce is it by eating healthy low carb food.

  • Makes your body undergo Ketosis if you consume less than 50 gm carbs every day.

One of the most effective mechanism to lose your body weight is when you body goes under ketosis i.e. shedding extra fat by decreasing your overall body appetite by consuming minimal carbs. Holding onto the low carb diet helps you to do so.

  • Kills your appetite and ensures you are not consuming a lot of food every now and then

A low carb diet directly decreases your urge to intake more food and increases the interval between your meals.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Consuming more proteins and including them in your food has a positive effect on weight loss and most of it is seen on the shedding of stubborn body fat like belly fat. Protein is said to be one of the best macronutrients that enforces loss of body weight. Protein not just helps you lose the weight but consumption of 80-100 gm of protein each day also ensures that you do not regain the same belly fat again and again. It typically maintains your consistency when it comes to losing your body weight and boosts your metabolism simultaneously. It is said to be a proven way of belly fat reduction. Consumption of high-quality protein is even better as the higher quality of the protein will directly be effective towards weight reduction. Similarly, intake of protein rich food components, such as fruits and vegetables can provide some positive effects towards weight loss. If you take in 25-30% of protein your daily calorie consumption, it’s effects can drastically be visible in your body weight within a short time span. If you are having a hard time gathering protein rich food for your diet, you can also consider various protein supplements. In addition to this, you can also use coconut oil for the preparation of your protein rich diet.

Increase Your Viscous Fiber Consumption

In most of the cases people do not know about the benefits of proper fiber consumption but it is said to be vigorously affecting your body weight. It is very important to realize that there are many types of fibers and each type has its own composition. Some dietary fibers can also be indigestible to your body. You should rather opt for the soluble and viscous fibers than the dietary fibers as the soluble fiber has a positive impact on weight loss and diet control mechanism. The viscous and soluble fibers are the one that is responsible for binding water and forming a thick gel which settles in the gut. Such accumulation of gel slows down the movement of food in your digestive system, slowing the absorption of nutrition and the process of digestion. Your appetite seems full and your hunger satisfied even with a little amount of food if you consume such type of fibers. It is even said that consumption of 10 gm of soluble fiber can result into reduction of 3.5% of the belly fat. This leads to the conclusion that belly soluble fiber is very effective in reduction of the harmful abdominal fat.


One of the most effective ways for the reduction of belly fat is exercise. Using your own strength and training your body in such a way that it sheds the extra amount of fat sounds a little more work to do but once you start exercising with full determination, you are bound to lose all the extra fat in your body, no matter which area you are targeting. If you want to get an overall positive impact alongside losing belly fat, exercising is your best option. It is slightly difficult to perform spot reduction (i.e. decreasing the fast of only one portion in your body) because of which you cannot just target only belly region for shedding extra fat. Not only this, the ab exercise also does not contribute much in just belly fat reduction. Rather, you can try all other exercises which work all over your body in order to be healthy and shed all your extra body fat. So, the effectiveness of the exercise does not depend on the region, rather it depends on the strength you use to perform the exercise.

Exercising can have many benefits and some of such benefits can work in order to reduce the belly fat as well. For example, if you exercise, it will maintain low blood sugar levels which will ultimately maintain low fat in your belly region and avoid excess fat storage in the same region. Similarly, some exercises like walking, running, swimming and other aerobics can contribute a lot more in belly fat reduction. In addition to this, if you exercise continuously, your body cannot regain the belly fat that you recently lost and it also helps you to stay consistent.

Some Other Ways to Shed Your Belly Fat

There are various other ways through which you can get rid of the belly fat that bothers you every day. Reduction of body weight actually depends on your body type and it’s working mechanism. Taking into account the way your body works, you must choose your method of belly fat reduction wisely. Some such methods are

  •  Avoid Consumption of Food Containing Trans-Fat

The trans fat or the mixture of unsaturated fat and hydrogen is one of the unhealthiest types of fat that is one of the major contributors of abdominal fat gain. Avoiding fats that contain food can reduce belly fat as well as protect your health as such unsaturated fat are linked to various health problems.

  • Reducing Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the other such factors which can contribute to increase in belly fat if consumed in higher amount. It is not necessary to totally cut it out in one single day but cutting off heavy alcohol consumption can help you decrease your waist size.

  • Reducing Your Stress and Sleeping Well

No exercise or no method is going to work if your body is not well rested. If you are stressed then your cortisol levels directly increase your appetite which result in consumption of more food and it is very difficult for you to decrease your waist line. Moreover, if you do not sleep well, the mechanism of your body is disturbed which can result into inefficiency of different methods you use to try to reduce your body weight.

Related Questions

Which is the best method for belly fat reduction for me? Well! It all depends on how active you are or how well your body functions and how determined you are to get that flat belly and a perfect waistline. So, there is no particular way to reduce your fat more effectively, you can try whichever you find the best for yourself. For instance, cutting carbs can be enough for you but for someone else exercising would do the charm. It all depends on the state of your body and how well you can adapt to the method of the belly fat reduction. Sometimes you might even have to perform two methods together. For example, if you exercise and go on consuming a lot of trans fat and carbs then you are not going to see any type of changes in your waist size. In this case, you have to opt for eating healthy as well as performing exercise. Similarly, if you compare the method of belly fat reduction used by a woman having waist size 32 with a woman who has waist size 42, you realize that they both use different methods which can work out fine for them. So, it does not depend on the method, it depends on the way your body reacts to those methods. You have to be careful about your own body and it’s functioning first, then only you can choose a method that would be feasible for you to reduce your belly fat.

What type of exercise should I perform in order to lose belly fat? Generally, it depends on how much you currently weigh and your eating habits. If you consume a lot of food and if you are physically active, you can perform weight lifting and heavy exercise but if you weigh normal, have less strength and just have the belly fat then you can just use simple exercising methods such as light aerobics, walking or jogging.

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