Is Oat Milk Keto? How to Enjoy Creaminess Guilt-Free!

Oat milk has been gaining popularity among those on the keto diet, but is oat milk keto-friendly?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand the nutrient profiles of oat milk and compare this to other keto-friendly dairy-free milk options.

oat milk keto

Oat Milk vs other Non-Dairy Milk Options

When considering which type of non-dairy milk to add to your keto diet, it’s important to compare the nutritional facts of both options. To make things easier for you, I am comparing oat milk with two of the most famous milk substitutes: almond milk and coconut milk.

While unsweetened almond and coconut milks contain fewer carbs than oat milk (about 1 gram per serving and 5 grams per serving, respectively), oat milk is a much better source of protein and calcium.

Nutritional Value of Oat Milk

Oat milk contains about 5 grams of protein per cup and is an excellent source of vitamin D, which can help protect against osteoporosis and other bone diseases. It also has a higher fat content than almond or coconut milk, with 7 grams of healthy fats per one cup serving. This makes it great for those on the keto diet who are looking to increase their fat intake.

However, oats themselves have a high carbohydrate content (containing about 70 grams per cup) with approximately 14 grams of net carbs per serving. While this may seem like a lot for those on the ketogenic diet, you can still consume oat milk on a keto diet as long as you maintain your daily net carb allowance and pair it with other low-carb meals.

Nutritional Value of Almond Milk & Coconut Milk

Almond milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin E, both of which are important for bone health. It’s also low in calories and contains no cholesterol or saturated fats. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is higher in healthy fats than almond milk and can be a good choice for those on the keto diet who want to increase their fat intake without going over their daily net carb allowance.

Can You Consume Oat Milk on a Keto Diet?

is oat milk keto

Oat milk can be enjoyed on a keto diet as long as it fits into your individual macro goals. It is higher in carbs than cow’s milk and other dairy free milks, but it also has a great nutritional profile.

In short, oat milk may be a good choice, provided you only take a limited amount and know how to combine it with other low-carb foods. Remember, if you’re only supposed to get 30 grams of carbs per day on the keto diet, that cup of oat milk makes up half of your daily budget. Womp, womp!

How to Make Oat Milk?

Simply combine 1 cup of rolled oats and 4 cups of water in a high-speed blender, then process on high for 30 to 45 seconds to create oat milk. For optimal results, strain through a clean t-shirt or towel.

Usually nut milk bags  let too much pulp through. I do not advise using fine mesh strainers since they also allow too much pulp to get through.

Every time you use this approach, you’ll get rich, creamy oat milk that goes great with coffee, matcha, soups, baked goodness, and more.

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